Saturday, May 4, 2013

My little 3 year old

I have been thinking a lot about what it is going to be like to have two kids and two boys! 
What is it like to go from loving one so much to two?
 Tell me mothers of more than 1:)

Ashton is pretty easy as a kid overall, so I wonder if Eisy will be crazier or calmer. He
 does have a dramatic side which I am sure he gets from his dad {wink wink}, 
but he was so easy in his transitions. 
Taking his bottle, his pacifier, switching to big boy bed, potty training, etc. 
In that way he was non-stressful and things I worried about before hand, I never really should have. 
I am sure part of that is just doing it for the first time.

I know overall Daniel and I are laid back and we run our household laid back, 
so Ashton and the new baby will most likely respond to this plus just having our genes.

Ashton is also great at playing alone. He has a great imagination...
Currently his favorite things to play with are:

  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • Cars
  • Cooking with his kitchen (sometimes)

But even though he is great playing alone, he also LOVES other kids. Like yesterday my mom and I walked him to the park and the first thing he says is "where are the kids?" 
He just wants to run around with them and play.
 He also loves his cousins for that reason, he calls them his "best friends".

I think he is going to be an excellent big brother and such a big helper. We already talk about how he is going to help me so much with everything and he is already calling his brother Eisy Peisy! ha ha

He is such a character, something I know for sure that he got from his dad. He is so goofy and likes to laugh for no apparent reason at all. I love our little mommy and son relationship and he already knows how to wrap me around his finger. Like when he is in bed, after the story and songs, and will say 
"Moooooom, I need a hug!" How can you say no to that??
I've also started telling him stories about when I was little and when he was little. 
He likes that.

He also likes to say "I'm gonna play just 5 more minutes", but somehow figured out 20 is more, so that is what he wants now. He also likes to run around our condo, which we now let him do since the people below us moved out, just back and forth, back and forth. 

He loves to perform. He told my mom he doesn't want to dance or play an instrument, just sing! ha.
Every Sunday after we get him from Sunday School he has to go in to the auditorium which he calls church class ( I think because of all the chairs? He calls the movies "movie class" as well).
If they are still playing, all the better.

When we were at the park the other day there was a Cars birthday party going on there and he wouldn't play, he just stood there listening and dancing to the soundtrack.
His favorite song, for a long time now is 
Life is a Highway 
and wants to be videoed singing it all the time.

Here is more of his singing and dancing.

We have these dance parties on a pretty regular basis.
We all have to be in there and we all have to be dancing. Ha ha.

He has his fiesty moments for sure. Especially sans nap! Oh boy!
This week he went all week without one, partly because we were out and the other he just couldn't settle down for. We try for two hours, spankens and all...
and then out he comes
"Can I come here now? Do you guess so?"

The only plus to this has been him sleeping in to 8:30-9:00 every day!
I am definitely taking advantage of this before the baby comes and then "what sleep?"

When I was going through my hard time I got this weird tick where when I would think thoughts that made me feel anxious I would blurt out
"I love you!"
to Daniel or Ashton,
almost all the time because that was how often it happened.
It was my way of breaking the thoughts.
Now Daniel knows to ask me whats wrong and its even weird when I find myself doing it now,
wondering what I am deflecting from thinking about.

But the good thing that has come from this, is Ashton tells me all the time now...just randomly...
I love you mom!

I LOVE it!
Because I do love him and glad he loves me too.

His little compassionate self,
{also like Daniel}
he can't stand to see anyone, cartoon or real cry.
He hated when I cried and would always say
I felt bad but am also grateful for his soft heart that is moved by others.

I love my little Dash!

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  1. Such a cute post!! The pic iof Ash looking at his baby brother deserves a frame!! Precious.


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