Thursday, May 2, 2013

Birthday & Baby

It was my birthday on Monday and it was a great one, even though I can't believe I am 32! What? Here are some photos of the festivities....

On Saturday it was a beautiful day and we went for our first long walk of the season! {we won't mention that it snowed several inches yesterday, I am getting annoyed with THAT!}

The trail led us in a big loop which led us back to the big park {which was packed with little Lacrosse players} and Ashton played on the playground for a little while before we walked to Taco Bell for lunch. We then walked back and right after getting back in our condo we got a knock on the door from the Edible Arrangement man who sang happy birthday to me.


Then Daniel and I went out that night for my birthday dinner!

 We went to a new place we hadn't tried over at Park Meadows called Sandia.

I had a BBQ Chicken Salad, so good!

And a banana empenada {that ice cream did a number on my stomach, however}

Sunday we went to church and nothing too exciting that day. Just relaxed.

Monday the weather was GORGEOUS!!!

Daniel had to work but my mom came and got Ashton and I and we went to Starbucks to get our free birthday drinks, and a donut because I wanted one for my birthday!

We then went and dropped Ashton off with my dad and went to the nail salon. I haven't had a pedicure in well over a year and Daniel said I could get a full set, so we did that.

We walked around Southlands {an outdoor mall} and ended up at Barnes and Noble and my mom got me a book which is what I really wanted. I ended up with one called God Loves Ugly, I will let you know how it goes.

We then went to the Woody Creek Cafe and shared lunch and then back home waiting!

My main present from Daniel was to get a gender check from in a sonogram, I just wanted to know what we were having. It couldn't come fast enough,

It took us a while to find the place, and Daniel never made it in time, but we found out!

Here are some of his pics...

If you can see his legs are over his head, why is he smashing himself like this???

His little skeleton face looking at us. He even yawned at the end, it was funny.

This is the the moment!

Daniel watched the sonogram for about 2 hours, not convinced this shows anything. {I tell him all the time that I forget he is a professional at all things, a doctor, geographer, carpenter, and therefore has the right to question anyone who went to school for such things... ha ha ha}

But he called his mom and she told us how to do the ring test, and this confirmed the boy....ha ha. I think he started to become more convinced at this point.

According to this sonogram the due date is Aug 28th? So who knows when I will actually have him, but there ya go.

After that we walked around the mall but Ashton was acting a fool with no nap so we had to go straight to dinner which was going to Maggianos but Yard House was right there, so that is where we went. It was really yummy!

I got impatient with announcing this baby boy and so just figured out my own simple way to announce it finally to the world. This is what I came up with....

and that is one of the silhouettes I took from yesterdays update.

21 Weeks

Oh also, my mom paid for me to get my hair done which I did on Tuesday. I wanted to go lighter but ended up darker, hmmm...oh well such is life. Here it is KINDA done!

Also, I wanted to share the video of when I told my family that we were expecting.
I had made them photo calendars for Chritmas but waited till Kelsey came to give them all at once. When I found out I was expecting I jut put my expected due date on the calendar, which I knew they would look through. At that time it was Sept 9th.

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  1. Sounds like such a great birthday! Happy birthday my beautiful friend. And yay baby Eisy! Can't wait to see your sweet face. Ash - that's such a fun way to tell your family! So creative!


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